October 6, 2018 0 By theindianblogger

Is there a tech freak on the other side of the screen who simply needs to be updated with the latest technology? If your browser history is filled with technology based websites then here is the list of top 10 technology bloggers who you should be following if you are not already following them. This is an detailed list of the tech bloggers who have been handpicked by us on the basis of the frequency in blogging, quality of content, web ranking, and their unquestionable expertise in their blogging.

So here is the list:

1] Amit Agarwal- Digital Inspiration (Labnol)- Amit is an IIT graduate who quit his corporate job to pursue his passion of blogging. He is full time professional blogger since 2004, and is also proud to be the first professional blogger of India. His focus is on various latest technologies from Google, Apple, WordPress, etc

2] Srinivas Tamada- 9lessons- It is undoubtedly a must to follow blog for the ones who are deep down passionate about programming. This is mostly how to do blog that Srinivas does the tutorial blog posts on various aspects of programming. Entrepreneur and blogger Srinivas, invented the new wall script. He covers a wide array of topics on his blog that are Web design, CSS, Ajax, Jquery, and some more.

3] Rajesh Namse- Techlila- Founded in 2012, it is blog to be reached out for all the tech tips and tricks. It helps with numerous How-to guides, tricks, tips, insights and hacks. In short it is the encyclopedia for all the latest technological news. He has related blog posts guest authors.

4] Harsh Agrawal- ShoutMeLoud- It has nearly a million subscribers, ShoutMeLoud is blog for the bloggers. It was started out of passion but now has become a full time professional blog. The founder of the blog Harsh Agrawal is an engineering graduate from degree but an blogger by profession. His blogs share information, news, updates and tech tips and tricks for the new bloggers who want to start their blog as a hobby or profession.

5] Atish Renjan & Zenil- Tech Tricks World- Founded in 2012, it is a blog posts that deals with gadgets, social media, blogging news, software, etc. It is very active with updates on most of the social media platforms.

6] Ankit Kumar Singla- Blogger Tips Tricks- A full time blogger, SEO guru, and part time web designer, Ankit is the youngest professional blogger. It is a blog for the useful tips and tricks for other bloggers to read and follow.

7] Ankit Prakash-Sprout24- Founder of Esy Sendy and Co-founder of Aritic, that is marketing automation platform with artificial intelligence and a full time digital marketer. His blogs are enriched with extensive knowledge about digital marketing. His approach is simple and covers major topics like Adwords, Webmasters, Email marketing, etc.

8] Aniruddha -Tech2Touch- It provides summarized reviews in shortest way, it provides quirky and accurate reviews on time saving tips and tricks on smartphones, excel, Windows etc. It is quite an informative blog.

9] Imran Uddin- All Tech Buzz- He is one of the most sought after blogger in India. An entrepreneur by profession own All Tech Media Pvt. Ltd that provides Web Development, Blogging and SEO related services.

10] Ashish Sinha- Next Big What- An IIT and IIM graduate whose love for technology led to this blog. His blog has in depth information on tips, tricks, hacks and updates on technology.

The field of tech bloggers is growing, so are you following any of the above tech blogger.