October 6, 2018 0 By theindianblogger

One thing that is common in all Indian moms is – FOOD. Indian moms can express their love or anger both with food, come on how many times did we all not hear from our moms that now onwards she will not cook for me or feed me. Also on doing something great or not being able to accomplish something it was the smell and taste of mom’s cooked food that could cheer us and be the best celebration. Each and every household of India has moms who are passionate about the food that they will feed their kiddo, whatever may be the age of that kiddo.

There is nothing more comforting then the food cooked by our moms. We Indians simply celebrate food and our kitchen is considered as a sacred place. The ingredients may be same so may be the feelings and festivals, but the preparation of food is diverse in India. Each and every state or region has its own authentic take for the delicacies that it will serve for a festival. The spirit and zeal is same but the dish that will be offered to the God or hogged upon will be different yet the taste and surprise that foods from different region have to offer is simply incredible.

Starting with Diwali, if you enter the kitchen from different regions you will be amazed to see the wide array of yummy delicacies that will be on the spread. Diwali is the festival of lights but it calls for the most authentic Indian food. Rajasthan celebrates Diwali with dal batti churma as this is considered as auspicious food and is quite a lavish spread. Not to forget anjeer cutlet or the moong dal laddu and kaju katli that is prepared to be gifted to family and friends. Moving to Punjab delicacies like gajar ka halwa and panjiri is prepared. Gujrat celebrates Diwali with a wide range of sweets and snacks that will simply treat your eyes and tongues.

A few from the list are shrikhand, basundi, khandvi, rava dhokla, chakli and the list goes on. Maharashtra dives in to rava ladoo or the besan ladoo or the traditional puran poli for the authentic touch to the festival. West Bengal celebrates Diwali or the Kali Puja with an elaborate spread of sweets like the rasogulla, rice kheer, coconut ladoo or nadu and the sandesh. The southern states enjoy payassam or coconut ladoo and different varieties of rice. Bihar, Uttar Pradesh and Jharkhand has an all together different take in terms of sweets they celebrate it with khaja or gujjia. Though the states may be different and the food cooked is different each state tries to borrow some taste from the other state and give a beautiful twist to their own delicacy. Diwali is an elaborate festival and is celebrated for a long week with yummy food that can be anything right from the chinese food to the Punjabi food or the any food that gives the positive vibes of celebration.

From Diwali if we move on to holi again the delicacies for the different regions and states differ. From malpuas or atte ka sheera of Rajasthan to coriander fritters of Gujrat, balushahi of Punjab to namak para of Madhya Pradesh, or gujjiyas of bihar and Jharkhand. Just as the festival the delicacies are also colorful and give you all the reason to put on those extra kilos. One thing that is same all over India is the luchi or poori, the deep fired bread can simply fill your house with aroma and again for different regions the accompaniment with this are different. Ghugni, doi pottal or lau ghanto for West Bengal, to bharwan bhindi in Rajasthan. Punjabi khadi, aloo matar , Punjabi chana masala, paneer tikka or tandoori chicken tikka for the Punjab states, south India enjoys it with payassam. The essence of the festival is to enjoy it over food and create a special bond.

India is land of festivals and all festivals are about food. Even during the navratri when some are fasting the list or fasting recipes are enormous. In north india where there is emphasis on curd during the fast Punjab, Rajasthan and Haryana savours on sweet lassi, pomegranate raita, potato raita, cucumber raita or the namkeen chaaz along with sabudana ki khichdi, sabudana vada (this is street fiood from Maharashtra), banana shake or rajgire ki roti. Gujrat again has its festive time of the year and enjoys the puran poli, methi thepla, padwali roti, rava dhokla, khaman dhokla, shrikhand and lots of chidva namkeen. For devi puja in Kerela ethaykka bonda is served. Even ganesh chaturthi Maharashtra has various gaga over the modak and Gujrat enjoys the motichur ka laddu whereas Madhya Pradesh celebrates it with dal bafla, and Rajasthan digs in to the boondiya.

The list of Indian delicacies is too big and festivals are all about eating a simple red dal is cooked differently in different regions and all are equally tasteful. It is country where mango is a fruit and celebration and the season witnesses enormous delicacies of the same. Sweet and tangy mango chutney and mango sandesh, mango patisapta, raw mango dal fills its aroma in the houses of Bengal, to tangy pickles or raw mango juice in the state of Rajasthan.

Goa relished on mango cheesecake, whereas the southern states enjoy the rassam with a twist of tanginess from raw mango.

India is a diverse country and each state has its out popular and regional food along with the traditional food that is cooked on the festivals. Even the simple egg or the chicken observes various formats across the different regions of the country.

Indian food because of its versatility and amazing color and texture has made its way to the foreign lands and is enjoyed by the people over their. Even the today’s generation simply loves the traditional authentic Indian food.