October 6, 2018 0 By theindianblogger

Today in this glocal world niche influencers have gained momentum due to social media platforms like Instagram, Facebok, Twitter, Blogs and all. This may be a small platform but can help you to spread word about your brand. As per the surveys conducted it has been ascertained that 82% of consumers are likely to follow the recommendation made by an influencer and almost 70% of them will follow the recommendation. Influencers can thus boost your brand visibility, increase promotion, engage an audience and create the buzz about your product.

For small or medium businesses with nominal budgets this way to promote a brand is something to be considered quite seriously. It will give you an upper hand from your competitors. For any social media campaign success the key element is to successful result is an influencer or a mega connector or a mega hub. The power of influencers is known to all and even capitalized by them. The only thing that you need to do diligently is to find such influencers and then simply work with them. Here are the simple ways to find such influencers:

1] Key is in the keyword:

The value of hash tags and keywords are unimaginable. A specific hash tag or the keyword search using influencer outreach tools will assist you to find the variety of bloggers in your arena. Thereby you can contact them on their social media pages and start to work with them on the basis of commission and get your content out or get it tagged in their blog posts.


Another way to find influencers is by going through your fan base on your social media platform. The chances that you will find someone who will patronize your brand is quite high. This will be an all natural relationship driven by less effort and this will help you to get connected with more and more of people. Considering cross platform promotions with them could also be of great help. Offering them discount codes via fan profiles is also a great initiative.


BuzzSumo, Ninja Outreach and Followermonk are some of the most equipped online tools that can provide guidance to find influencer for your brand. It helps you with information on the posts of these people, their reach, shares and connectivity.

4] Search Google:

Google is the answer to all your queries and problems. Thus keep all your worries at bay and keep Googling to find the bloggers in your area. Use their influence for your benefit and this can prove to be beneficial for you.

Once if you have found the influencer just craft a marketing campaign. Give it some time and figure out the figures and see how they can impact your brand and help in a successful campaign. Give a concrete plan of action to your campaign and define the performance measurement matrices. These influencers can give your brand the much required push.