Delicious Special Ramzan Recipes You Can Try At Home

Delicious Special Ramzan Recipes You Can Try At Home

July 4, 2019 0 By theindianblogger

The Holy month of Ramzan or Ramadan is a very special period of time for Muslims all across the world. In this time the worshippers eat before sunrise and then after sunrise they fast completely till the sun sets. Almost every Muslim takes part in Ramadan and remains abstained from eating or drinking anything. The meal that is eaten before the sunrise is known as the ‘sehri’. The meal that is eaten after the sunset is called the ‘iftar’. The end of this period is marked by the ‘Eid-ul-Fitr’. 

So the first meal after the sunset has to be a grand one, right? This means lots of delicious and mouthwatering dishes that can be easily prepared and eaten with love. But one has to make sure that after day log fasting the food eaten is fresh and healthy. Therefore, few things that are actually eaten after fasting in the Ramzan time traditionally are:

Cool And Fresh Drinks: Water is the first thing to drink. And with water tasty and cooling refreshing drinks are loved by all. You can drink fruit juices that are freshly prepared with or without added sugar. This will provide the much-needed hydration to the system. Other favourite forms of drink are smoothies made with mangoes, bananas, coconut, strawberries added with milk or yoghurt.

Dry Fruits Or Freshly Cut Fruit Salad: One of the best Ramadan recipes after sunset is to eat a bowl of fresh fruit salads mixed with yoghurt, herbs or dry fruits. Apricots, dates, figs and raisins are the much favoured dry fruits that can be eaten after the fasting.

Soups: Traditionally, in many Arabian countries, soups are prepared with varieties of lentils and eaten after the fasting. You may also add meat broth to it along with veggies as per your choice to make it more healthy.

Crispy Snacks: The evening time always calls for snacks. And to be honest, after day’s fasting a plate of snack with spicy sauces is really tempting. 

So let’s talk about a refreshing drink and a snack dish that you can enjoy after sunset.

Chikoo Milkshake 

To prepare this awesome drink you will require chikoos. You need to wash and peel them. Next, chop them roughly and transfer into a blender. To this, you need to add sugar, ice cubes, half cup milk, cardamom powder, cashew nuts. Blend all the ingredients properly and then add more half cup milk to it to get that smooth texture. After blending you need to strain the drink so that the fibrous materials of the chikoo get filtered. You can serve this Iftar special milkshake with chopped chikoo pieces on top.

Onion Pakora (Fritters)

This preparation requires onion, powdered spices, green chillies, pinch of baking soda, cashew nuts, coriander leaves, besan or chickpea powder, fenugreek leaves and rice flour. 

It is a vegan dish and also you can do both shallow fry or deep fry as per your preference. This snack dish is a perfect thing to eat in the evening along with tomato sauce or green chutney. And the best part after fasting pyaz pakora seems a very tasty choice to devour. All you need is to make a smooth batter of chickpea flour, rice flour and adding all the spices and dip the onion pieces into it before frying it into nice and crispy fritters.

A Ramzan recipe can be of various types. You can try both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. Apart from heavy meals, light snacks and drinks are very energising and yummy. 

Eating the right kind of food is very necessary during the Ramadan time. It is because your body needs all the required nutrition after the fasting period. So, if you are wondering what to eat and drink during this auspicious time of the year, make sure you prepare something healthy and tasty for the entire family. Keep eating well this season of Ramzan and stay healthy