Best LED Smart TV to buy on EMI this Diwali

Best LED Smart TV to buy on EMI this Diwali

October 6, 2018 0 By theindianblogger

If you are up to speed with current trends in home theatre and cutting-edge bingeing, you will learn that HD LED TVs to lead the market with the lucrative qualities they present, even over Smart TV. Now to make the case for Smart TV, its core functionality that it is marketed with is its innate ability to play Youtube and Amazon Prime. But as the case happens to be, some manufacturers will eventually bundle this feature with HD LED TVs as well. Furthermore, you could either connect your TV to the PC with an HDMI cable (and a DVI converter if required), or you could opt for the auxiliary Google Dreamcast.

But this cannot deny the fact that for the less tech-savvy ones among us, Smart TV incorporates the ability to use Youtube and Amazon Prime in a hassle-free, streamlined way. Moreover, our usual d2h programmes or equivalent schemes in India more often than not offer non-HD broadcasts – defeating the purpose of getting the space for all those extra pixels on HD LEDs. So if you are looking to enhance your Diwali holiday experience with top-of-the-line home entertainment, now is as good a time as any to consider purchasing at a Smart TV offer.

As the foremost pointer, it is advisable to omit the less established manufacturers like Vu and TCL altogether. LED Smart TVs are known for their unparalleled picture quality and speaker modulation, and on the cheaper brands – which is usually the less reputed companies – these qualities are compromised to bring down the price tag. It is therefore always more prudent to opt for Samsung or Sony if your budget can permit it, especially because unlike the wide gap between the gigantic 77 inches and the modest 65 inch 4k HD LED TVs, the price difference between the cheaper and the more qualitative products are a few thousand rupees on average.

After certain matching and comparisons based on set parameters, here are the best LED smart tv at no cost emi available in the market right now:

  • If you want the best image quality in the market, you should definitely go for the huge Sony Bravia 101.6cm that provides the best of both worlds – Full HD compatibility as well as the convenient Smart TV features – X-Protection, Subwoofer, and internet capabilities with a slick design principle and accessible UI. (INR 40000/-)
  • A good balance between quality and price would be the LG 32LH576D. For a modest 25000 INR, it offers crisp picture quality with its 32-inch screen immediately perceptible from even 9 feet away, decent sound modulation powered by Clear Voice III, as well as covering all the grounds for Smart TV functionalities, including pre-installed Netflix. It also has a well-optimized electricity saving mode!
  • As an addendum: earlier, why quality should not be compromised for the price has been stressed, but even so, if you still find the strain on the pocket too hard you can go for the Vu 32D6475_HD Smart. It has some downsides like poor upscaling quality on its 32-inch screen and no tuner options, but you still get a bang for your bucks in its price range. (INR 18000/-)