October 21, 2018 0 By theindianblogger

Karwa Chauth celebrates the bond of love between the husband and wife. It is the most important festival for the hindu married woman, where women fast from the sunrise to moon rise and pray for the prosperity and long life. Thus husbands in return should show their appreciation by either cooking for them or fasting along or simply getting them a gift.

Any gift can never equate your love for your wife but then gifts will just make her feel important and pampered. Going without food and water for a day, not for losing weight or health reasons but for your well-being should be appreciated and getting her a gift could be the best option to do so. However buying a gift for your ladylove is not an easy task and can prove to be the biggest challenge. The gift will be liked by the lady or not is big question but here is few gift options that can never disappoint a woman:

Spa-women are multitasking so getting them a spa appointment could the best option to help her get few moments of relaxation. The plus point is that if you get the spa appointment on the same day of Karwa Chauth then it will help her going easily without food as lot of time will be killed in the spa session. Spa treatment will help her to detox and rejuvenate and shine brighter than the moon in the night.

Jewelry- all women love jewelry and gifting her that precious piece that can add glitter and bling to her look is worth all the time and money invested in buying it. If not real buy some contemporary or fashion jewelry for her even this will be the pixie dust of her life. It is the feeling and the effort that you will spend on buying her a gift that will count so go ahead and select the best piece for her.

Movie date- on Karwa Chauth it seems that day has become too long and the wait for moon is unending so to kill the time going for a movie date is a good option. Take your wife for the movie date or book her tickets with any of her friends or family and see her joy multiplying. Getting movie tickets of her favorite hero or some romantic plot can be an ideal option.

Dress- On Karwa Chauth all the ladies dress up in the best attire and want to look no less than the moon so for this day buy her a beautiful dress in color of love that is red. Surprise her with an beautiful outfit and see the twinkle in her eyes. Getting her a silk saree could be a great option as silks are the best option to wear and flaunt on this day.

Romantic dinner- book her a special car to pick her and drop her at the hotel for a romantic dinner with you. Order the food of her choice and let her enjoy the yummy food in your company. Spend some quality time with her and forget not to thank her for doing the fast for you. You can also give her a card or handwritten note to say so.

Perfumes- gift the ladylove of your life a beautiful bottle of perfume. Try to get her the perfume of her choice. A perfume or some body mists can be a great gifting option and also the sweet smell can help her to sail smoothly in the fasting day.

Health check up package- the lady is so busy taking care of her family and managing the chores that she neglects her health. So on this auspicious day gift her an health check up package because otherwise she will find innumerable reasons for not going for a test but she most definitely deserves this test.

Though expression of your real and true love will be beyond material gifts but the gifts will be your token of love for the queen of your heart. May the love and romance between you and your wife bloom.